About us.

Founded in 2014 and domiciled in Bern, CH, Finantia has initially been set-up as pawn shop. Since  then the service offerings have been extended rapidly turning Finantia into an alternative finance  service provider mainly for swiss SMEs. With a strong Swiss-based funding partner providing debt  independently from banks Finantia has in particular grown its factoring and rent services in 2018.

Our Values.

Derived from Value Based Leadership we: Always act entrepreneurial, delight the customer, innovate and learn, perform as a team, nurture our partnerships, act truly responsibly

Our Mission.

Provide SME clients with alternative access to liquidity and capital. Ideally from unleashing their own business‘ balance sheet potential.

Our Vision.

We grow to be one of the leading SME finance providers as we enable our clients‘ growth and society‘s wealth.