Space for growth.

If a company is seeking to expand internationally, wants to invest in new services or products or is planning to grow from its own, inner strength - our solutions are the perfect choice!


Our factoring specialists are readily available to explain which solutions best fits your needs!

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Real Estate.

Bringing (dream) realty to life.

Besides insurances and stock portfolios they are a very important pillar of retirement provisions or obtaining return on capital.

Private as well as commercial real estate projects mandate streamlined interaction between owner/builder, architects, contractors and financial partners.

Knowing and understanding these parties, we offer real estate financing specific services, optimizing small and large development projects.

We are the perfect partner for bringing your dream realty to life!

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Focus without tension.

Our premium rental services include manufacturer independent consultation in selection of and specifying vehicles as well as  pre-defined rental costs at transparent interest conditions. 

We offer extensive and scalable insurance solutions ammended with complementary maintenance services.

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Trusting in security.

Evaluating and choosing the right insurance proposal – from BVG to securing operation shutdowns – in order to avoid over- and underfunding, has become a major challenge for many companies.

As independent insurance advisors we analyze each case individually and determine the exact insurance needs. We harmonize policies, optimize, integrate and separate. We terminate existing contracts and negotiate new ones.

Our clients are always transparently informed, no action is taken without approval. Self-speaking all insurance portfolios are constantly being reviewed and discussed with our clients.

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Trust Services.

A perfect fit.

Companies have to respond to increasingly faster technological, economical and social changes. Innovations are the key for opening and developing new markets or addressing new or changed customer demands.

We complement these competences with our innovative and accredited trust services, specializing in debtor management, accounting and tax consultation.

Our clients profit from the know-how and professionalism of our team of specialists. 100% transparency for all economic and tax-relevant decisions. 

And this of course, tailor-made!

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Asset based Lending.

Generating liquidity from existing assets.

As one of very few companies in Switzerland, Finantia AG owns a pawn license, which in 2014, originally set the base of our business activities.

Today we do not focus on the pawn shop business anymore. The pawn license however allows us to commercialize securities (Faustpfand / dead pledge) in auctions.

We offer asset based lending to our clients providing loans secured by their existing assets. Typically these loans are tied to inventory, accounts receivable, machinery and equipment. Occasionally intangible assets such as licenses or patents can be used to secure a loan.

Asset based lending allows our clients to re-activate assets that are bound to various positions, turn them into liquidity and re-issue this liquidity to their services or production processes.

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